Dallas Caterer and Food Delivery Service

Bubble is a place where you can find a healthy, delicious meal and have it delivered right to your door anywhere in Dallas.   Our creative recipes are made from scratch daily.  We deliver unique meals each week.  We can also provide meals for special diets like low fat and “cancer” diets or just recovering from an operation.

Our goal is to bring the family back to the table!   Bubble is a premium brand that is unique, family-oriented and fun!

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About us

“I am a mom and my philosophy is to feed my family the best organic or all natural foods, but to stay within our family budget.  Most families can only buy what their checkbook allows. But, most moms really want to protect their family’s health by staying away from all the pesticides, preservatives, and unhealthy processed foods.  This can prove to be an interesting challenge as we all know how expensive organic buying can be.  We buy in bulk saving the customer money as we prepare these fine foods.”  Gail Waxman, owner of Bubble

Who is Gail Waxman?

For 20 years Gail managed her own catering business.  Gail brings over 25 years of baking experience to Bubble.  Having learned to bake from her grandmother and mother as a young child, Gail’s passion has always been events and catering. She spent the last year traveling and learning from a chef in Tuscany and one in Chile.